Graphite electrode raw material calcined burning price again

Graphite electrode raw material calcined burning price again

  1. At present, there are slight fluctuations in the production of graphite electrode in the market. 1.Some enterprises in some areas suspend some working procedures such as pressure type due to weather and other reasons;2. Some enterprises that have been suspended in the early stage shall resume production;Some enterprises to complete the early order production has increased.In general, China’s graphite electrode operation rate improved slightly in November, but compared with the same period last year, the overall graphite electrode market operation rate is still at a medium low.
  2. According to market feedback, ultra small specifications of graphite electrode graphite electrode current market resources are always tight, ultra large size graphite electrode has weak tight situation, mainly because of the graphite electrode enterprises many early shipment to clean up the stock at a lower price, the graphite electrode current market as a whole inventory low, as the downstream steel gradually restore stable production, increased demand for graphite electrode, combined with graphite electrode market as a whole is lower than year-earlier levels, graphite electrode market begins to release the tight supply of signal, some companies said the order has been to 2021。
  3. At present, the downstream steel mill graphite electrode to graphite electrode market price acceptability, but the wait-and-see attitude is still there, steel mill bidding times have increased.Steel mills due to raw material iron ore, coke prices are strong, the steel spot price to form a support, driven by profits to start active, graphite electrode procurement attitude has become better.In addition, approaching winter, the steel plant began to have a stocking action, the demand for graphite electrode is good.

Post time: Dec-30-2020

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