Nangong Juchun Carbon Co., Ltd specializes in producing graphite products

Nangong Juchun Carbon Co., Ltd specializes in producing graphite products

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Fine grain graphite rod material is made of high quality calcined petroleum coke and modified coal asphalt through the specific process formula and thermal process, but the maximum particle size is only 0.8mm,is a kind of structural material.Fine grain graphite rod material is mainly used to machine the graphite product used in the high-temperature or corrosion environment. The product’s surface is smooth and delicate after processing, the mechanical property is good..

Product specification, size and tolerance can be machined according to the customer’s actual demand.Graphite crucible is widely used in all kinds of furnace to melting, such as jewelry, gold, silver, copper, brass, iron, aluminum, zinc, lead and so on.It is widely used in nonferrous metal and precious metal industry, mould industry, glass industry, rare earth industry, photovoltaic industry, laboratory analysis industry and other fields

There are  many senior engineers, professional technicians and hundreds of skilled production workers

We have complete carbon & graphite production line with reasonable production process and advanced equipment

Digital lathe, miller, driller, CNC numerically controlled machine tool, numerical-control engraving machine etc

ServiceWe support professional technical solution & Service

Advantages and Properties of Graphite:

• low electric resistance
• good electric and thermal conductivity
• high oxidation resistance
• greater resistance to thermal and mechanical shock
• high mechanical strength
• high machining accuracy and so on.
• High mechanical strength
• Oxidation resistance
• Chemical resistance
• Good sliding properties
• High thermal stability
• High thermal shock resistance
• Low wettability
• High corrosion resistance
• High thermal conductivity
• Good electrical conductivity

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