Best Price Extruded FineGrained Graphite Rods from Chinese factory

Best Price Extruded FineGrained Graphite Rods from Chinese factory

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Fine grain graphite rod material is made of high quality calcined petroleum coke and
modified coal asphalt through the specific process formula and thermal process, but the
maximum particle size is only 0.8mm,is a kind of structural material.
Fine grain graphite rod material is mainly used to machine the graphite product used in
the high-temperature or corrosion environment. The product’s surface is smooth and delicate after processing, the mechanical
property is good..
Product specification, size and tolerance can be machined according to the customer’s actual demand.

Made of high density squeezing graphite rod.
Good lubricity, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance.
Acid and alkali resistance, strong thermal shock resistance.
Good electrical conductivity, high mechanical strength.

Machinability to exceptionally close tolerances.
Good Thermal Conductivity as graphite is an excellent heat conductor and has great resistance to thermal shock.
High Compressive Strength ranging from 11K-38K lbs/in²
Corrosion Resistance for all practical purposes and is unaffected by most acids, alkalis, solvents, and similar chemicals.
Seal face flatness due to the high modulus of elasticity and stability to remain flat during operation at the rubbing faces.
Built-in Lubrications and Non-Galling. Products will not seize or gall in the most severe applications as the molecular structure of graphite forms an extremely thin film on moving parts.
Porosity. Graphite can be porous but impregnants are used to fill these pores and can range from high to totally impervious depending on need.

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